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As a member you support our function as a citizen and human rights organization that promotes the rights of sexual and gender minorities. A society like us is nothing without its members. Each member provides us with their own contribution and all members are equally important.

Membership fees are a significant source of funding. With the income we make the free and open functioning of our society possible, this includes our diverse peer support and activity groups and different events. They also fund our training and influence work to promote the equality of sexual and gender minorities. The number of members also affects the amount of financial aid the society receives, and our influence in our parent organization Seta ry.

Lahden Seta has both support members and full members. Support members cannot vote in our meetings, but otherwise the memberships are the same. Both types of members can use our member benefits. A full membership also gives you the right to vote in our meetings. A full membership can be paid for a year at a time, or for three years with a multiple fee. This means that you do not have to think about the fee for some years, and possible changes in the fee do not affect you. Minors can join as full members for free. Membership for minors is free until the end of the year during which you turn 18.

Because Lahden Seta is a member organization of Seta, our membership card gives you the benefits that apply to the members of the organization members of Seta. The members of Lahden Seta are also always offered cheaper tickets to our events. You may also get discounts events and parties organized by other member organizations of Seta.

The membership fees of Lahden Seta on 2021


12€ / year


35€ / 3-years


0€ / year


50€ / year


about the membership

Regular membership: Full membership entitles to all membership rights, voting rights and membership benefits. The membership is valid for one year.

Three-year membership: You can also pay the full membership fee for three years at once. This will be slightly cheaper than paying each year separately. You do not have to think about the fee for three years and if the fee is raised during this time, it will not affect your payment. This type of membership also saves the resources of the organization and makes the work of our volunteers easier.

Minor member: If the person is aged 15-17 when joining, the membership is free. The membership is free until the end of the year the member turns 18. The free membership only applies to full memberships.

Support members: A support membership is, as the name suggests, a supporting fee, and does not allow for voting in our meetings. You can, if you wish, have our membership card that enables you to take advantage of our member benefits.

membership discounts

- 10% off all products

Fafa’s Lahti
Rautatienkatu 15, 15110
p. 040 015 6706

- 10% off all products

Ekokampaamo Piparminttu
Aleksanterinkatu 30, 151340 Lahti
p. 045 104 9959

- 10% off flowers

Kukkakauppa Villiviini
Koritie2, 15540 Villähde
p. 040 757 7790

- 20% off piercings

Lävistys- ja tatuointiliike The Clinic
Vesijärvenkatu 36, Lahti
p. 0400 945 009

- 10%


Sysmäntie 55, 19700 Sysmä (Sysmän kirjakauppa)
p. 045 8755 344

- 15%


Saidan Verhoomo & Vintage
Mustapuronkatu 26, Lahti
p. 050 049 9049


Simolan Taide & Kehys
Hollolankatu 10, 15110 Lahti
p. 040 545 3566

-5% off all products

Hämeenkatu 14, 15110 Lahti
p. 050 304 9105

If you are an entrepreneur or you know a business, with which we could negotiate member benefits, give us a hint at!

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