What is Lahden Seta? Lahden Seta ry is a human rights and service organization, which goal is to promote sexual and gender equality and strive to prevent prejudice and discrimination that is based on sexual and gender expressions.

Our volunteers organize activity groups, training, events and parties and give statements about local, central themes. Our work is open to everyone, you do not have to be a part of a sexual or gender minority or to be a member to participate. All are welcome.

Lahden Seta is a non-discriminatory organization and we adhere to the safer space rules.

our values

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The activities of Lahti SETA ry are open to everyone. We communicate openly and publicly about the content, events and activities. Our goal is to involve the group visitors and the members of the association in decision-making.

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Fairness, inclusion and cohesion are important for our work and for us.



We us the principles of a safer space in our events. All forms of discrimination, racism and harassment are strictly prohibited. Everyone is responsible for making a safer space.


Caring of people &

We are a Human Rights and Services Organization. Lahden SETA ry works through volunteer work and we invest in good quality and sustainability, whether it is procurement, communication, graphic look or our events.



Everyone is welcome in the groups, the participant does not have to be a member of Lahti SETA Ry. Lahti SETA ry’s operations are non-profit, we offer free services and affordable events.


sharing & effectiveness

The association aims to gather and share information about sexual orientation and gender diversity, as well as to reduce prejudices against them. Lahti SETA ry organizes trainings, discussions, guidance and counseling.

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