Lahden Seta ry was founded on 2011 and was made a member of the national organization Seta Ry on May 2012. Lahden Seta ry is a human rights and service organization, which goal is to promote sexual and gender equality and strive to prevent prejudice and discrimination that is based on sexual and gender expressions.

Our volunteers organize activity groups, training, events and parties and give statements about local, central themes. Our work is open to everyone, you do not have to be a part of a sexual or gender minority or to be a member to participate. All are welcome.

Lahden Seta is fully run by volunteers. Enthusiastic and committed volunteers are needed to run our events, activities and services! You do not need previous experience, we will provide training.

There are many kinds of jobs available:

-Group instructor


-Event/party organizing


-Administrative work


Here you can find the newest documents (Finnish) from Lahden Seta ry:


Rules of Lahden Seta ry 

Board of Lahden Seta Ry

Chairperson: Aako Norojärvi

Vicechairperson: Miiro Pyysing

Secretary: Noora Kalpio

Jäsenvastaava: Reetta Alakallaanvaara

Ryhmävastaava: Anni Myllyniemi

Varainhankintatuotevastaava: Päivi Houma

Communications: Janina Kuparinen

Kuvitus & tiedotus: Kapu Matilainen

Vapaaehtoistyön vastaava: Johanna Kälviä